Created in January 2009, by seasoned London based producer and artist, John Oudo, Bigspin Music London fast established itself as one of the UK’s successful new independent record labels, with a schedule of successful releases in succession and a positive philosophy to promote good quality eclectic music productions and artists across genres.

The Bigspin Music Label, strives to support new talent from some of the next generation of talented creative’s and serves as a portal into an interesting variety of new music with feeling and substance, reflective of the current music culture and the demands of listeners.

The Bigspin Music philosophy is simple, good music is good music, regardless of its genre. We try our best not to pigeon hole or categorise music too much and we strive to deliver the highest production quality and credibility in an ever demanding and turbulent music scene.

Expect a variety of different music forthcoming, multi strident of different musical genres.
If the feeling’s right, we support it. Music should not have limits.

We believe in supporting unique talent that involves a lot of hard work, time, thought and commitment, which effect’s people’s lives in many positive ways. For this reason, we ask you to support independent music and those who work hard to create it.

Please support the artists or inevitably interesting independent music could die out, as will the freedom of expression that goes with it. Society would become much more diluted and considerably worse off if this was the case.
Thank you for taking the time to visit us, we hope you will support us and our artists.